• Besides Phuket, Krabi is also a famous tourist destination with many diverse attractions, many interesting tours with very favorable rates. Krabi is a popular tourist city in the south of Thailand. It is located along the Andaman coast and about 800 km from Bangkok. Krabi is blessed with many islands, sea, green forests and beautiful hot springs. Krabi is a suitable place for those who are looking for a peaceful and tranquil spot. Coming here, tourists will find long white sandy beaches with clean and blue water and many other entertainment places. There is an airport at Krabi, tourist can catch a plane straight there, but if you are staying at Bangkok, you also can come here by bus or train. The best time to travel to Krabi is from October to April.

    Famous places in Krabi

    Emerald Lake: Emerald Lake is one of the things that make Krabi becomes well-known. This is a special lake and attracts tourists with crystal clear water. Located right in the green forest, coming to Emerald Lake, tourists will be amazed by its cool atmosphere. Near this site is a National Park, a home to thousands of interesting plant and animal species. On the way to Emerald Lake, tourist can visit Blue Pool Lake, another magnificent lake of Krabi.

    Tiger Cave Temple: Located 9km from Krabi Town, the Temple is also known as Wat Tham Sua in the local language. The special thing about the temple is that it was built in the natural cave between green forests. People say that there was a tiger lived in this cave so that the temple is called "Sua” with the meaning “Thai tiger”. Right in the entrance of the temple are two tiger statues. Inside the cave is designed and arranged the Buddha, giving the peaceful feeling. In the highest peak of the cave-Khao Kaeo peak is a large golden Buddha statue. But if you want to see this statue, you have to climb 1,237 stone steps of a stairway and it’s really a hard challenge.

    Railey Beach: Railay Beach is a small island away from the mainland, protected by lush jungle and limestone mountain ranges in Krabi province. It takes you 15 minutes to reach to Railey Beach by boat from Krabi town. There are three major tourist attractions on the beach. The east of Railay beach is mangrove forest, West Railay is the place where interference and connection with Ao Nang. The last destination in Railey is Tonsai. Although it’s just a trail, it attracts a lot of tourists. This is the best place for walking and hiking.

    Ao Nang Beach: Just 20 minutes from Krabi town, Ao Nang is considered to be the most animated beach in Krabi. Ao Nang converges everything you would expect for a holiday in Thailand - stretches of white sand, warm blue waters, magnificent limestone cliffs and countless modern and comfortable resorts. A rich marine life, with over 200 species of carp and 80 species of coral makes Ao Nang become a "paradise" for the divers.